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The People

October 18th, 2009 at 10:50

To help set the scene, I will now breakdown the other players in this story that is Micah:Unmitigated.

My host shall be referred to as “The Host” in all future corespondents. He is a retired Naval Officer who specializes in Physic and Engineering things. He has dabbled in many military agencies and may or may not have been an assassin. Intelligent and full of stories and analogies, he can and will go off on any topic.

The first WWOOF couple I met are recent college graduates from the Twin Cities and Chicago. They arrived the same day I did and will be here 3 weeks as well. “The bikers”, as they will be called, peddled 2 wheels nearly the entire route from Prague to here. During the past 14 months, they went down through Turkey, flew to and spent time in Egypt, before making their way to China and then down through Laos. Both are cool and laid back, and spark many discussions.

My first night here, there was a couple from the west coast who will actually be moving to Portland when their trip is over. I will not give them a nickname, as they are now gone. Like me, they quit heir jobs, the guy was a brew master and the girl was in the film industry. Their trip is 6 months long and covers all SE Asia.

Another of the departed is a female, former teacher from the bay area, who quit her job to travel. She WWOOFed in France, Italy, and Greece before coming here. Again, no nickname needed.

There is also and young female from the Twin Cities as well. She seems to be fresh out of college and is on an extended trip, with a return tentatively set for June. Her experience in construction and ability to do a triathlon, add up to one wicked WWOOFer. She shall be dubbed “Kay”, since it relates to her name in some way.

Kat is on the left, Bikers are the 2 on the right

Kay is on the left, Bikers are the 2 on the right

Rounding out the current crop is a young man from Jolly Old England. He arrived the day before me and will be here 3 weeks as well. We may be going to the farm in Northern Thailand at the same time, although he is here for just 6 weeks and wants to see Laos. He shall henceforth be known as “The Brit”. In his previous life, he was a sound engineer who worked concerts, weddings, and christenings. He smokes a lot and doesn’t like soccer, but otherwise still a solid bloke.

Side players include: The chef from Ireland (“Stout”) and his Thai girlfriend (“Al”), The Host’s cool flight attendant wife (“The Hostess”), and her sister (“Mango”), who comes around to cook and make us laugh.

So, that is the cast of characters, in the next chapter, I may get to some actual farming stuff. I hope to incorporate some pictures as proof of my location, as well.

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2 Responses to “The People”

  1. Nick Says:

    Who then are you? The Mysterious American? Beardo the Weirdo?

  2. Stanley Says:

    I’ve been trying, but I can’t do better than Beardo the Weirdo.