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The Accommodations

October 21st, 2009 at 22:50

My first stay is in the city of Bang Phra, which lies about a 3 day walk SE of Bangkok. The Farm is separate from the House, where we all stay, and so far our work time has been split between the two. The goal is to convert part of the House into a coffee shop/massage parlor/spa. My projects there have varied from laying brick, to moving furniture, and also grouting a tile counter.

Everything has changed, absolutely nothings changed.

Everything has changed, absolutely nothings changed.

WWOOFers currently sleep in the Thai massage room on mats. The room stays cool with fans and they provide some nice mosquito nets. Getting enough sleep has not been a problem.


The main part of the house has a nice TV, tons of DVDs and books, assorted musical instruments, and WiFi. The property also includes a pool (being repaired), a sauna, and a Koi pond. The only difficulty has been keeping things dry.

The Farm has a house currently under construction surrounded by many small fields and enclosures. Eventually, this is where WWOOFers will stay, maybe even me.


I would estimate the property to be about 12,545,280 square inches, which as you all know, is not that big. Contained in those inches, they have a chicken coop, duck pen, 12 puppies, small rice field, pond, herb garden, banana trees, mango trees, and many other random edible plants. We just plowed them a corn field and are working on clearing another field for more rice. Also in the works is a wood fire oven that needs some more bricks laid. I kind of like that everything is a work in progress, thus it should look drastically different by the time I leave. Seeing results, always helps with motivation.

I can hear the crack of the whip telling me its time to sign off. กลับไปทำงาน!

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3 Responses to “The Accommodations”

  1. Miriam Hoelter Says:

    Any bug bites yet? It will be fin to read about your progress on those projects over these three weeks. We are anxiously awaiting word on the baby today. Exciting!

  2. Mark Hoelter Says:

    Look at that value of paver laying experience you got at Chris’s!

  3. Chicken Housing Says:

    This is a wounderfull post. Keep it up…