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Dirty Work

August 29th, 2011 at 12:53

Yes, I have actually been doing some work this summer. The landscaping I did for a friend back in the winter has expanded to some basic home building work. For the past couple months – I have been knocking down walls, removing windows, hanging dry-wall, installing can lights, and building retaining walls. It is somewhat enjoyable though dirty work. I get joy out of walking in to gas stations or grocery stores covered in dust and feeling like a man who works hard for a living. You feel a connection to other construction workers and the blue-collar class. I have never wanted to shave and wear a suit to work everyday. I never want to put off that arrogant stock broker vibe. I often drive by the Daily Double sports bar, frequented by the neighboring apartment dwellers, and wonder if I could walk in there and have a drink without being told to go back to my yuppie bars on Hawthorne. I imagine that my lack of cursing and smoking would tip them off. I okay with that, I don’t really want to have a drink there anyways, it doesn’t seem like a very joyous place.

I am still looking for full-time work and a steady paycheck but have been feeling flush with cash, thus I have been able to enjoy my weekends. Highlights:

  • Played in 3 scramble golf tournaments… so far
  • Bachelor party in Vegas!
The Strip

The Strip

  • Completed the “Four on the Floor” Hamburger Challenge
  • Tore up the dance floor during the Blancher Wedding in Bend
  • Participated in the Beer-lympics
  • Family trip to Sunriver
  • Holed a short pitch shot for Eagle at Tri-Mountain GC, hole #7.
  • Camping and Rafting in Maupin
  • Kickball and Softball tournaments
Team Trinity Softball

Team Trinity Softball

Summer is not over with yet, and I plan to play more golf (both ball and disc versions), more hiking, and maybe climb a mountain or 2.

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