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The Cuisine

October 28th, 2009 at 21:29

“Thai good, you like shirt?”  –Homer

I have hinted about the food a few times, but here I will try to provide details. Now, to those who are expecting recipes, I must aologize. My curiosity has not led me to hover over the chef or ask many questions. I will try to do more research in the future.

I have always been a passive fan of Thai food, with a love for Pad Thai and curries of all type. They seem to have the same cooking philosophy as myself, which my brother has described as “everybody in the pool”. Why have a supper plate with chicken, pasta, and broccoli all neatly seperated when they can be cooked together with some creamy cheese sauce and eaten out of a bowl? I dislike plates: food falls off, forks are normally required, and you can’t drink out of them. The only plate positives: dishwasher space and steak cutting. Spoon and bowl meals for me, which leads into the food here.

Below is a picture of how we eat all of our suppers here at the house. A little uncomfortable on the knees, but please note utensils. Counter clockwise from bottom right is fried tofu with a sweet peanut dipping sauce, noodles, and chicken curry. (Rice maker is out of frame)

How all of our suppers are conmsumed

This is how we do it

a closer look

a closer look

Our chef, as I have previosly stated, is Irish and quite the cook. He spent his first 6 months here in Thailand in the northern part, where he purchased a food cart and specialized in pineapple burgers. He figured it would be a good way to meet people and get by. Wanting a change, he came down here as a WWOOFer about 4 weeks ago and brought his Thai female companion. Now he has a job as the chef and she as coffee shop manager, and they have there own room at the farm.

He collects food from the local markets as well as the farm each day and whips up quite a feast. All meals get a full pot of rice from the cooker even when noodles are served. Curries or curry like mixtures are the norm with lots of greens. Main ingredients used are: Thai chillies, garlic, lemon grass, cilantro, Ginger, and chicken or fish. Sides are often cucumber, morning glories, and some squash like thing. He also always makes sauces that can be added to reach ones desired spice level. Examples: a basic chillies in vineger, a peanut sauce, or a ginger garlic sauce.

The following picture, shows a meal at the farm. Starting from the bottom and rising: We have breaded and fried whole sardines (I think), an omelet of some kind, and then I believe some type of pork product with green stuff in it (tasty). (again rice cooker just out of frame)

Meal at the farm

Meal at the farm

I apologize to the chef, if he ever reads this, because the pics don’t do the meals justice. I have tried not to be one of those nerds that take a picture of everything that goes into there mouth. No offense meant toward anyone.

Not all of my sustenance has been received on property. Just last night, we took a walkabout down the street and sampled some foods. No photos, so just use your imaginations, I will try to help with my words. First stop: fried wide noodles, pad thai style, with pork, egg, and greens (90 cents, delicious). Then: barbecued pork with thin noodles and broth (80 cents, good). Later: flavorful pork sausage type thing on a stick, served with cabbage (2 for 60 cents, food on stick, can’t lose).  Dessert: fried bread folded with a frosting type substance (15 cents, crunchy).  More Dessert: 3 spears of pineapple (60 cents, always a favorite, my goal is to purchase each time I see it). Last: 3 different types of little round things that look like fish eggs, or eye balls, but might be soy related, served in steamed soy milk (15 cents, sweet and creamy).

Other food I have put into my body: Beer Chang which is a “full flavoured lager” and the “pride of Thailand”, according to the bottle. (Satisfying and currently being consumed). Fried grubs and cricket legs, Coconut milk banana smoothies, and toast every morning. On the island beach, I had the crab plate seen below, which I would describe as buttery and scrumptious.



That about sums up my intake so far. I thoroughly enjoyed the cart hoping and plan to do a lot more of that hence forth, while snapping pictures. Life is still smooth and my last day here is fast approaching. Well, time to quit typing, I just got told to go grab my freakin shine box. พวกเขายังไม่ได้ยินว่าฉันไม่เปล่งปลั่งรองเท้าอีก

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5 Responses to “The Cuisine”

  1. Nick Says:

    Micah, this food looks amazing. You’re going to come back fatter than me. Perhaps that will be how I finally defeat you in tennis.

  2. Luke Says:

    to quote someone more learned than I – this food looks amazing, I am intrigued by the “pork product with green stuff in it” we will have to go to Pok Pok when you get back, you can tell me how authentic they are… appreciating the updates, how is the work part of WWOFing?

  3. Brynn Says:

    Glad to hear you are loving Thailand, Micah! The food is wonderful, and no matter how much you eat, it is hard to get fat from it. =) One thing we learned that was invaluable, when you leave the farm, ask for no MSG every time you order cooked food. You should probably ask someone there how to pronounce it properly, but it goes something like this: “Mai Sai Pong Chooraat” (I think Pong is the name brand) I will never forget it! You can really pay the price if you eat MSG-laden meals day after day. And I promise, the food still tastes great without it!
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, you lucky bum!

  4. Brynn Says:

    p.s. Meredith Newman (from Buxton) and her husband are going to be in thailand on Nov 27th for 2 weeks. (Their 2nd trip – I told you people can’t wait to get back!) Not that you should try to coordinate or anything, but I might have her read this blog of yours…

  5. Brother Peter Says:

    Thanks for the updates, Micah! All of us – including Owen – enjoy reading your unmitigated musings on your adventures so far. Hope all is well.
    – #1