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November 3rd, 2009 at 22:47

I have a few random thoughts and events that I would like to present to you at this time. With no rhyme, reason, or mitigation, here they are:

Took a day trip up to Bangkok with the group to do Chatachuk Market. Host and Co were looking for spa/coffee shop items and the Bikers sought out restaurant serving things (they plan on opening a little place in Chicago when they return to states). I did some browsing but was only serious about food. With 5 weeks left, I don’t want to lug anything around, plus I will be back through BKK 3 more times.

The market is enormous, thus we got lost a few times. Favorites from the food section were: These shrimb/crab balls, they cooked in a pan shaped like an egg carton. They would spin them constantly, top with stuff, and serve. Fantastic.

good eats

Good Eats

Out shining the balls, was my first bowl of Tom Yum. A spicy broth soup with ground pork, fish balls, peanuts, noodles, bean sprouts, and more, finding the best in Thailand will be my chore.

Good Tom Yum

Good Tom Yum

I love the style of spoon you see above and will bring some back to states. Mango made a shrimp Tom Yum for my last supper, equally pleasing.

Last thing of note from the market, random painting of Mark Ruffalo, especially since all other works were regular museum art. I am a fan of his work but did not pull the trigger on the purchase.



On the way home from BKK, we stopped at a rest area and patronized a KFC. Tidbits: I sampled the Shrimp Donut, pretty much as you would imagine, shrimp and things molded into donut form, breaded and deep fried. Host ordered the Shrimp and Cheese balls, like the donut just different shape. I figure these are Thailand specific menu items, although I haven’t been to one of the Colonel’s establishments in some time, due to his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face.

Went on a 15 min bike ride to reservoir last week to swim. Fun being stared and pointed at by Thai’s, saying “look over there, there is a white man in the water” (loose translation, my Thai is still limited). One kid swam up to me with a big smile and said hello, when I replied in kind, he swam back to his friends and told the story of his encounter. Group on the shore waved, laughed and said “Hello!”. I then biked the rest of the way around the reservoir which took an hour. Fun being on small streets, waiting for water buffalo to cross, and getting more stares. No pics, my camera randomly tweaked out on me, saying “card unreadable”. Have enjoyed riding the farm bike around, been years since i’ve rode this much.

Addition to the food pics, a close-up of me chomping on a cricket. I actually enjoyed the taste, although I will eat anything that’s fried.

It was either him or me

It was either him or me

(Note: I was posing for the picture and didn’t really have that rage in my eyes while eating.)

That is about it for the randoms from my stay here. Today I hop a train to my next adventure. I imagine I will come back some day to see how my projects have finished. They say I am welcome anytime. The rest of Thailand awaits, stay tuned to see what crazy adventures Micah gets into next. วันนี้ฉันฉลองวันประกาศอิสรภาพของฉัน

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  1. Miriam Hoelter Says:

    It has got to feel good to have successfully conquered your first organic farming experience. It seems to me you are having a great time, enjoying these cool and interesting experiences. I hope the next place is as good. YOur writing is really fun to read. Thanks for keeping us in touch. Love to you. Mom