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Halfway Home

November 13th, 2009 at 19:32

I think this is the official midpoint of my trip and today I dug my last ditch. Tomorrow, I cruise into Chiang Mai and become a full time tourist. Many temples await but first let me recap my stay here with this interpretive dance I did.


I’m not sure if the link will work so I will also add these words and pictures:

Host spent only 3 nights here during my week stay, which was nice. Us WWOOFers were left to hold down the fort and once entertained a young Aussie couple. Many movies, cards, and bottles of Chang during the long periods of darkness. It is odd to have the weather so perfect and yet the sun is gone before 6pm.



Very fun group, very good food, and lots of weeding fill the days. I try to speak some French with Jerry Lewis but all I know is from Pink Martini songs. Although, “Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler” turned out to be quite fitting. I apologized to them for Britney Spears and they apologized for Jean Claude Van Damme.

I’ve taken a few more bike rides and mostly just relaxed.

My nap sack on my back

My nap-sack on my back

Our trip today took us through a small town, very peaceful. We stopped at a local shop to get ice cream, Jerry Lewis is addicted to the interesting snacks these Thai shops sell.

Jerry Lewis on bikes

Jerry Lewis on bikes

Some other jobs I’ve done can be seen below:

We got the good stuff out of some passion fruit for the Juice bar.

One for me, one for the pot.

One for me, one for the pot.

I dug up some land for the planting that was to come.

Don't sweat the technique

Don't sweat the technique

A few shots of the farm:

Part of the farm

Some rows

It soon will spread its wings and fly

It soon will spread its wings and fly



I added more pics this post, since the rest of my blog updates will be via my Ipod and Internet shops. I am excited about what is to come and looking forward to heading up into the mountains. With a very tentative plan in place, I head west, where the towns are small and the scenery should be breathtaking. ด้านตะวันตกเป็นด้านที่ดีที่สุด

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2 Responses to “Halfway Home”

  1. Peter Hoelter Says:

    Thanks for the posts, Micah. I am quite jealous of your bike rides, among many other things…

  2. Stanley Says:

    Peter may have stumbled upon a good meme: Things we for which we are jealous of Micah:

    I’m going to go with the trifecta: muscular physique, table tennis skill, and unencumbered lifestyle.