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Rock Chalk, Jayhawk

December 19th, 2009 at 12:19

I use this song title since I am watching the KU college basketball contest on TV. My first view of the #1 team in the country. I have missed seeing them play and thoughts of wanting to be around for March Madness and a possible National Championship, may affect future travel plans. If they somehow lose to Michigan today, the title will be changed and this paragraph shall be deleted. So far so good, up 20 after 16 minutes of action. Let’s get to some blogging.

A quick wrap up to my trip: The double Big Mac was delicious. One regret I have now, is that I never got a Thai Massage. I had thought about squeezing one in Friday before my flights, but it just didn’t happen.

At the airport, I was tapped to do a Tourism survey by one of the students that were walking around. He said it would only take 10 minutes, but took me over 30. I think I tried too hard, a few times the kid seemed to be urging me to just fill in whatever. But it was fun to check off all of the provinces I had visited and rate things. Thailand is a country that has it figured out. They know they got the sights, sun, and beaches that travelers want and all at a discounted price. They embrace the idea that tourists themselves can become an attraction and create pockets of Farang oriented bars, restaurants, shops, and markets to keep them happy. They already do a great job but are still trying to be better.

The journey back home was tiring, with me going 48 hrs without seeing a bed. I slept maybe an hour or two on the first flight, but was unable to get any shut eye during my 8 hr layover in Seoul or on the 11 hr second flight.

No escaping the paparazzi

No escaping the paparazzi

(Kansas held on to the lead and was victorious)

The free movies and music are always a joy and kept me entertained. I watched “The Brothers Bloom” and “In The Loop”, and was pleased with both. The later was particularly a delightful romp, with it’s vulgar language and smart political satire. Musically, I was bumping Kings of Leon “Only by Night” and Radiohead “Hail to the Thief”. I love “OK Computer” but have rarely opened my ears to Radiohead’s other work, that will change.

Also keeping me awake, was this stunning view of a sunrise as we were approaching Alaska.

Better: Sunrises or sunsets?

Better: Sunrises or sunsets?

Nice to be home and see family and friends. Adjusting my sleep patterns has been a struggle, and with the drastically cooler temps have led to me feeling a bit under the weather. I miss wearing shorts and my tan is quickly fading.

So what have I been doing this past week? Pictures. I came home with over 2,200 images to go through and trim down. The site is almost ready and can be found at: Picture Pages.(Please people, don’t click on it until you have finished reading the whole post, that is just rude.) There is also now a link on my blog, if you can let yours eyes wander away from my captivating words for a moment, to your right you will notice the new “Photographs” button. It has been a monumental task deciding which of the hundred sunset pics to post. As of Noon PST the gallery is unpublished, but all photos are uploaded, I just need to add captions and solve some formatting issues. 738 images, geographically sorted into 10 albums. I know that sounds like too many to go through and makes you want to just skip it and watch TV. But, I assure you that your viewing will be quick and painless. I am also planning to add some of the 40+ movies that I captured.

Please enjoy the pics and I hope they make you want to visit Thailand. I highly recommend it to even the most novice of travelers. Transportation is extremely convenient and clean, the People are kind and helpful, the Temples are fascinating and peaceful, the Beer is cold and potent, and the Beaches are straight out of your dreams.

นี่ คือ ประเทศไทย

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