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¨A Farewell Poem¨, by Owen Hoelter

Bon Voyage Micah!18 April 2010

Micah the Uncle,
Micah the Bro,
Is off to South America
With his backpack in tow.

You’ll ride on an airplane
And probably a bus.
There will be lots of long lines
So don’t make a fuss.

We think you’re adventurous,
Brave, tall and nice.
But before you leave us,
We have some advice:

Be careful! Be watchful!
Your iPod and camera, don’t lose ’em.
Go slow up the mountains, and
Don’t get a transfusion.

Work hard and make friends
And stay out of jail
If we need to, we’ll send Lucas
To go post your bail.

Bright colored parrots
You’ll see and perhaps octopus,
Llamas and monkeys and
Lizards on Galapagos.

We’ll follow you on Facebook
And read your blog posts
Can’t wait to hear stories
Of people and places you like most.

We wish you safe travels
Sunshine and long laughs,
Interesting conversations,
Good food and cold draughts.

We know you will miss us
So we thought that maybe
You would bring us some coins
And a small giraffe baby.

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