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Apartment Story

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

It has all been bueno. With 4 days down, I feel like I am learning a lot and eating a lot. I even caught a glimpse of the sun the other day.

School: It is small, with only about 10 students throughout the day. We have cubicle like spaces where we sit across a table from or tutor. The 1-on-1 sessions have not been as boring as I thought. The teacher guides me through a lesson book, while I copy down what she points to. If I get stuck, she encourages me by saying that 7 year olds learn this stuff quicker than I do.

My mind often wanders during the 4th hour, but I power through. Wednesday night, I did homework for the first time in 9 years. It is fun to write grammatically correct sentences and be able to attempt humor. Some vocabulary still requires a dictionary despite my teachers drawings and charade like motions. I believe, or at least hope, that some of it has found space in my brain to be recalled.

Eating: I am on somewhat of a dairy binge, with a large pot of chorizo potato chowder, a grande batch of spaghetti with a tomato cream cheese sauce, and cereal every morning. I also feel the need to consume everything I purchased, so now it is a race against the clock to finish a dozen eggs in 36 hours. (I am considering “Cool Hand Luke” style.) Throw in a lack of exercise, and I should gain at least 5 pounds by the end of the week.

Other Stuff: I hit the beach one afternoon when I saw a break in the clouds. But mostly I just relax on the couch, read guide books, study Spanish, and watch movies. Yep, despite the noise from nightly fiestas and fireworks, apartment life is treating me well.

a typical afternoon

a typical afternoon

The school also offers tours (not free) to nearby spots. I signed up for a trip to a nearby island that includes whale watching. Should be fun, but expensive.

One way I allow myself these kinds of expenditures, I call “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Method” or Bat’em. During one of the brilliantly written scenes in the movie, B & T are in a bit of a pickle and need a diversion. They agree, in their own unique dialogue, to sometime in the future use their time machine to go back before that moment, and setup a tape recorder. Then, by the magic of time travel, their distraction is in place and (spoiler alert) they free the historic prisoners and pass the class.

Now, the way the Bat’em method works for me is this: I tell myself, if I spend just $15 a day for the rest of the trip, I have extra cash now. And then, by the magic of ignorance, I have enough money to go on tours.

(Alternate names for the method: “Serenity Now, Poverty Later” or “Living At Your Parent’s House Until You’re 50”.)

For the last week of class, I will move in with one of the professors for $5 a night. It is a small, empty, 2 bedroom apartment, about a 15 minute walk away. A good step toward successfully completing the Bat’em. Plus, I need the exercise. I enjoy cooking, but I can’t continue to eat this much. Every meal I seem to invoke a food version of the Bat’em. (It is dangerous when abused, please use with caution.)

This weekend, I hope for some sun and look forward to sleeping in. Yo se lo ha ganado