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The Wildlife

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

I had a few run-ins with Thailand’s creatures the past 2 days and figured I would share. Starting with the least deadly: I gave the Ducks some food and seemed to have made them very happy. The Ducks also escape often because the green fencing around them is very weak and has holes. Thus, almost everyday there is a duck roundup, where we corner the escapees and throw them back in. I recommended that we make an example out of one of the fugitives and have a nice dinner, but that got shot down.



Today, while we were working at the house, Mango saw a snake in a tree. We observed it moving along a wall and later identified it as the Golden Tree Snake. Despite the name, they are normally green and prefer woody perennials. They spend their free time sun bathing and feasting on mice and geckos (which are all over the house property). These snakes are not supposed to be poisonous so Kay decided to touch it, i’ll let you know if she dies in the next few days.


Golden Tree Snake

(Warning: The following content may not be suitable for the weak, child like, or those taking any type of medication)

The last and deadliest beast I grappled, was a centipede in the outdoor kitchen. Now, this wasn’t one of your run-of-the-mill, sweet, cuddly, pick’em up and let them crawl around in your pants, US centipedes that call their grandma’s everyday. This Arthropod was 2 feet long and its body was an inch wide. They are poisonous and gorge on spiders, worms, and water buffalo. I held back the cat, while the Host picked it up with tongs and smashed its head with a piece of wood.



A rumor is going around of a cobra sighting on the farm, so I will try to get close enough to take pictures, even if that means absorbing a few bites. The past couple days have roused my senses and I will be watching my steps closely. Everything else is good, although the scars are adding up and the anti-biotic is running low. Well, time to go wait in line to receive my days rations. ฉันมีสองกล้วยคุณชายวันนี้?