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The Journey

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

All has been relatively smooth so far. I enjoyed flying over Alaska and getting to see Mt. McKinley. Also enjoyed 3 movies and 3 1/2 meals.

Mt. Denali

Mt. McKinley

After not seeing a driver from my hotel, I got a “taxi” ride from 3 women in an unmarked car. A little sketchy, but I was confident that I wasn’t going to be driven down an alley and robbed.
The next morning: I hopped a bus to Bang Phra thanks to a map I showed 5 people, figured out how to make a 3 cent phone call, and got picked up by my host on the side of a busy street.
Nice place, 7 other WWOOFers here right now, no actual farming yet, amazing meal on coast with constantly full beer glass.